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  • Кожаные перчатки оптом длинные сиреневые


  • Купить женские кожаные перчатки оптом длинные коричневые


  • Женские перчатки оптом из кожи козы


  • Мужские кожаные перчатки из кожи овцы


  • Кожанные перчатки оптом на меху



Grodno gloves firm ‘Accent’


More than 40 years we have been producing for You gloves and mittens of high quality genuine leather and jersey. One of our suppliers is a British company Pittards, a worldwide leader in leather processing.



The choice in the firm ‘Accent’ can be astonishing- more than 270 models of women, men gloves and children and adults mittens.



Women of fashion, connoisseurs of classics and those who prefer active life style will find a suitable pair of gloves.



You can buy gloves wholesale and retail on our factory or from representatives in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. You can be sure you buy gloves from the manufacturer.